Monday, August 10, 2009

One Anthem to Rule Them All

At Saturday's Nationals v Diamondbacks game, they finally did in the pre-game what the players have failed to do for most of the season - put on an amazing display of talent. In fact, one could argue he did more with a bat than most of the team thus far.

We don't have the video* but here's the LINK, and it's pretty sweet. You can check out a version where he's not surrounded by flags here:

The only thing that's missing is him going all-out Hendrix and setting it on fire at the end. But I guess that's how the National Symphony Orchestra rolls. Man, when are those guys gonna loosen up a little?

*A brief note to our good friends at MLB. Please provide the embed code for your videos so we can put the video here. You already provide a facebook link, so clearly having it watched on a third party site does not concern you. Wouldn't you rather people watched your footage instead of looking at the screen cap and then a YouTube video that's not yours? It lessens everyone's experience. Just a helpful suggestion.

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