Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogs With Balls 2.0 Shuffles Up and Deals

We have a lot of pictures, videos, and other blackmail-worthy media to post in the coming days, but first, we'd like to start with a thank you to the people who came out to Blogs With Balls 2.0 at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. We made a giant request of you all: that you trust us to make it worth whatever you sacrificed to make it here; be it vacation days, a plane flight, hotel, or part of the Phillies-Dodgers game, everyone put life on hold to meet up, share a lot of useful information, and to take on Vegas. Raising $10,000 for Ante up For Africa as part of our first ever Blogs With Balls Charity Poker Shootout with Annie Duke (and 10 other pros) was a fitting way to end it all.

We are especially grateful to our sponsors - Track Sponsors FoxSports and Yardbarker, as well as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, Carbon Poker, and Diageo Liquors. Each contributed something unique, and all are heavily invested in seeing the quality of online sports writing supported and rise to what we are capable of. Dan Levy, Beryllium Pictures, and Kabimba Media represented a special group of our sponsors - good friends who came on to work at the event, making sure BwB 2.0 was an amazing experience to have and to share.

Speaking of which, we've got a lot of footage to share - including every single panel in its entirety - but let's start at the end. Below, take a look at a few shots from the Blogs With Balls Charity Poker Shootout benefitting Ante up for Africa. Sure, we raised $10,000, but we also got to party with Captain Morgan himself (the actual guy from the commercials), wear funny Cuervo hats, and go chip-to-chip with some of the world's best poker players (in a post-tourney side game two bloggers, Ufford and Jimbo, outlasted and took down 5 pros). Take a look!

Spencer Hall and PUNTE have a very serious discussion about strategy (specifically hat strategy).

Dan Levy, Annie Duke, Don & Chris from HHR.

JoeSportsFan interviews FanDuel (who just learned to play that night & made the final 20 out of 100)

Of COURSE he's one of the Gunaxin guys.

Spencer and the Captain.

Ufford's hat, AJ of Deadspin, Poker Pro Gavin Smith, Jimbo,
Poker Pro Jeff Madsen, and
Dan Levy before the carnage really began.

Big Winner: Adam Best of Outwitted and outlasted 100 other players.
Well definitely outlasted, anyway.

Did Ufford win Jason Mraz's hat earlier in the night?

A full Blogs With Balls gallery will be up this week.

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fansided said...

I can't believe you guys let a club player like my brother win :)

Lesley Eccles said...

You guys totally rock! An honor to meet y'all and thanks for organising a fantastic event!