Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hate work? Pretend you're back in college

One more level, then I go potty.

How many times have you internally screamed this statement during the work day: I'd give anything to go back to college!

It was the greatest time of your life. Back when two classes a day was considered "a ton of work to do"and you actually got laid on a consistent basis. Memorrriieesss...like the corner of my mind. What about those video game marathons? You and friends playing Madden until the early morning, fueled on nothing more than Natty Light backwash and eventual bragging rights?

Want to go back to school just for the good parts? Video games and tailgating football? Here is your shot.

Check out the 4th & Goal Sweepstakes and the Ur So Connected College Game Day Tour for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip for two to the BCS championship game in January and $500 spending change. Additional prizes include: XBox systems, Zune music players, and XBox games. Check out the main page for all the details.

As an added bonus, and because we rule, HHR is giving away some video games to make you feel a little better about your boring life. Entry to win is simple. Email us here and tell us your greatest sports video game triumph. Win a boatload of money off a roomate? Make a frat brother eat poop? Win poop? We want to hear the best stories.

Send us your best video game story and you might just win yourself a prize. Deadline to email is October 31st.

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