Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Audio: Magic Johnson Addresses Book Statements About Isiah

As part of promotion for their recently release book, When the Game Was Ours, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird took questions from journalists and bloggers. Upon the book's release, among the most talked about passages regarded Magic's admission that he was part of the opposition that likely prevented Isiah Thomas from joining the famed 1992 Olympic Dream Team. While seemingly content on letting bygones be bygones, Magic is still unapologetic about his revelations and apparently still disappointed by how his relationship with Thomas deteriorated. Magic also addresses the question as to whether Zeke's personality shortcomings had to do with his tumultuous tenure and subsequent divorce from the Knicks - a gig in which Johnson admits in the book he vouched for Thomas.

Magic on Isiah's Reaction and Looking to Move on

Magic on what made him reveal the nature of the incidents that led to their parting ways

Did Isiah’s personality attribute to his problems with the Knicks?

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