Friday, December 11, 2009

Contest: The Tiger Name Game

Everyone knows that Tiger implored his mistresses to "Take [their] Name off [their] Phone."

On the Today show this morning
, mistress #4, Jamie Jungers, noted that Tiger also asked that she take HIS name off their phone:

"He said he loved spending time with me, would love to get to know me more, and he gave me his phone number and told me to save it in a different name in case I lost the phone."

HHR has come up with 11 names (one for each mistress) that would have thrown phone-finders off his trail. If you can top them, we'll ship you off a PS3 or XBox360 copy of Namco's Tekken 6, which features an Elin Woods lookalike who packs a wallop.

See if you can top these aliases. Winner will be chosen on Monday. The only rule is to make us laugh.
  1. Eldrick Tont
  2. John Gosselin
  3. Sean Salisbury
  4. Eliot Spitzer
  5. John Daly
  6. Jesse Katsololis
  7. The Situation
  8. Nick Papageorgio
  9. Chris Illuminati
  10. Roy McAvoy
  11. Fred Garvin

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Reverend Paul Revere said...

Wilt Chamerlain
Jemaine Clement
Papa Georgio
Lion Forrest

edtraz said...

Ron Mexico
John Cocktostin (see Fletch)
Phil Mickelson
Dr. Love (see KISS)
Mark Sanford
Mr. Belvedere
Chad Johnson (name is no longer being used by previous owner)
The Cablinasian
Steve Phillips
John Holmes

Big Primpin' said...

+ TT Boy
+ Shaft
+ TW (but def not the golfer)
+ Lon Cox
+ Willie Ames
+ Alan Stanwyck
+ Hot Carl
+ Ralph Furley
+ John Deszo Ratzenberger

Djvirg said...

Not the Black Golfer

Matt said...

GZA (The Genius)
Shooter McGavin
Grizzly Adams
Cornbread Eggroll
Shawn Kemp

Kyle said...

Shooter McGavin FTW

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

Big Baby Jesus
Ruthie Alcaide
Emmett Brown
William Zabka
Derek Jeter
Fuzzy Zoeller
Rough Putter
Riley Martin
Barack Oboneya
El Gato Malo
Toby Gerhart

Chimpanzee Rage said...

Peter North
Iceberg Slim
Phil Mickelson
Travis Henry
Charlie Harper
Ervin Johnson
Jimmy Hatz
Shawn Kemp
Samuel Malone

bk said...


Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Winner: Big Primpin'!