Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dan LeBatard Would Prefer You Pick on Someone Else

There was plenty to laugh at during the ESPN premiere of Billy Corben's "The U."

Among them was Fat Mike Francessa bemoaning the 'Canes attitude while squinting through glasses the size of windshields. There was Jerrome Brown's bedazzled hat. There was a pre-Rock, D Lineman Dwayne Johnson hamming it up with the boys on the sideline. But hey, it was the 80's. Looking foolish came with the decade.

What then, is 2009 Dan LeBatard's excuse? The chubbly scribe channeled his inner Jon Gosselin and sported a tattoo/graffiti/logo tee-shirt and hat as his on-camera wardrobe for the documentary.

Not Artie Lange.
(Via @adamhanover)

Apparently, we weren't the only one's who noticed the ill-fated attempt to look hip.

'Tard felt the need to tweet this sharp-tongued retort to fashion critics:

Adding, "lots to mock awful debut as a thespian in a outfit on tv in the u documentary...."

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