Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 16

This week’s Blogs With Balls Show on the JoeSportsFan Radio Network is now available. Download Episode 16 Here.

Without further ado, we finally tip our hand and offer a few details on the location and time for Blogs With Balls 3.0. Listen to the podcast to find out where and when, and sign up for more information on the BwB Site.

HHR co-founder @chrisilluminati's new book, A**holeology: The Science Behind Getting Your Way - and Getting Away with it, is teetering between #50-60 on Amazon's humor list during presales. This proves one thing - if you want to sell books (or anything for that matter), pimp it on the Blogs With Balls Show.

The book makes its official release on January 19, so go get yourself one.

This week's guest is John Christie, who serves in the dual role of EVP of Content Partnership with XOS Digital and as General Manager of the SEC Digital Network.

The company and conference made waves last summer when the New York Times ran a piece that highlighted their seemingly restrictive policy that made it difficult for bloggers and fans alike to share and distribute SEC content.
Since that time, we've followed the SEC's progression and the role XOS has played in it on the Blogs With Balls blog, and have also maintained a steady and honest dialect with the company's representatives. We also conferred with some top college football bloggers to get their thoughts. Most noted the lack of functionality and embeddablity of video and accused the SEC as serving as a clearinghouse, and hoarding and filtering content.

While the SEC's policy may not be at the level bloggers would like to see it, John indicates that it is constantly evolving and they are taking feedback seriously.

A first step they say is the recent availability of the SEC Digital Video Widget. Christie tells us about what the widget entails and specifically if and how it might address these previous blogger

We appreciate his willingness to address bloggers' concerns head-on and we came away with better understanding of both why and how the policies are being implemented.

Says John:
"It was never about keeping the content from the fans. It was about developing that comprehensive strategy to get it out there to the fans through all these different mechanisms."

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