Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 18

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Today we celebrate the godliness of New Orleans Saint Tracey Porter.

And are reminiscent of Calvin Pace's early words of praise to us for Rex Ryan.

HHR @ NFL Draft Classic - Calvin Pace and the Defensive Mastermind from HHR on Vimeo.

Shifting gears from NFL playoff and Super Bowl talk, we bring on guest Lang Whitaker, executive editor at SLAM Magazine, columnist at and author of a forthcoming memoir on Bobby Cox and growing up a Braves fan.

Lang talks about the unique relationship the magazine was able to develop with the NBA's biggest stars and teams.

As someone who dabbles and excels in and on so many platforms, Lang brings insight to how writing in general is affected by the immediacy of the Internet age:

"The more you write online, the better a writer it makes you. You learn to deal with immediate reactions from people. You understand what the audience looks for in stories...But at the same time, I learned a long time ago you cant 100% give in to what people want you to do. At some point you stay true to yourself and you hope the audience likes what you're doing."
Keep an eye out for Searching for Bobby Cox, due out February 2011, which is a Julie and Julia-esq memoir of lessons Lang's "learned about life by watching Bobby Cox managing the Braves."

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