Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Did Tiger Get Juiced?

No, I'm not referring to his alleged use of imported PEDs. I'm talking about his sinister-looking, ski-capped Vanity Fair cover shots that are all the buzz in relation to the infamous June 1994 Time OJ cover.

To be frank, the first thing I thought when I saw the Tiger cover was that the Cablasian never looked so, well, dark before - figuratively and literally. I mean aside from the actual color tones, the hat and the weights give the impression he's banging iron out in a prison rec yard.

While Time admitted to altering the original photograph to give Simpson a more "menacing" look, critics cried foul and racism, which lead to a public apology by the news magazine.

The Tiger shots may or may not have been altered, but it is clear that Vanity Fair was looking to paint Woods in the wake of his on going scandal as the antithesis of the wholesome hero he was once built up to be

Whether Vanity Fair intended for any sort of racial undertones is irrelevant. I have no doubt someone will play that card.

Wait a minute. I might have just done so.

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