Monday, February 15, 2010

8 softball questions with Fat Willard: Anjelah Johnson

It seems like we don't do enough interviews on this fine sports blog. That's gonna change quick.

This week, I got to chew the email chaw with Anjelah Johnson, stand-up comic and former chearleader for a team I'm told plays in the NFL named the Oakland Raiders. She has a new DVD out called
That's How We Do It and it's pretty damn funny.

1) Was it harder to get people to laugh on MadTV or cheer for the Oakland Raiders?

Um... Both were pretty fun and easy.

2) The Raiders fans are, how can we put this nicely, an eclectic bunch. Did anything ever happen that had you scared for your safety?

No, the fans were like our personal body guards. The die hard fans kept us safe from the riff raff. Sure we would see fights in the stands, the parking lots and anywhere with in a 5 mile radius of the stadium but we were kept away from it all.

3) The real Al Davis is just a walking dead man in a Member's Only jumpsuit. Kind of like Weekend at Bernies. Prove us wrong.

You win

4) Bon Qui Qui and Tammy are hysterical characters but we could see some people getting offended. Ever hear any crap about them?

Have I? I used to get hate mail, death threats and people threatening to protest my show. I never had any of those things actually happen, but I must be doing something right to at least get the threats.

5) According to the gospel of Wikipedia, your YouTube clips of Bon Qui Qui "gained a cult-like following, reaching more than 27 million views." You are like David at the Dentist. Can we kiss your cam?

I don't know what that means, so no.

6) Is it harder to be an attractive young woman in stand-up because people might not take you as seriously or is it better because it's easier to get people to pay attention.

Good looks are not a plus in the game of stand up comedy. People see a pretty girl on stage and think she's either gonna be terrible or really dirty to overcompensate for the fact that she's a girl.

7) You had a role in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Any truth to the rumors Alvin does blow, Simon is bisexual and Theodore has an eating disorder. You can be honest we are all friends here.

I'm sworn to a pinky swear contract, sorry.

8) Your new DVD hit this week. Discuss.

It's my first one-hour special titled, That's How We Do It and was shot in the fabulous city of Houston, Texas. It features the "Beat Freaks" an all girl break dancing crew and DJ Angie Vee. If all goes according to plan, the DVD/Album should be in stores everywhere by the end of the week.

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