Monday, February 15, 2010

CR Dunbar's Olympic Sized Bits and Pieces

Who's the hotter breed? Skiers or swimmers?

I watched the Opening Ceremony with the sound off so I could experience it in a pure form without the distractions of sound. Or, I was at the bar and it happened to be on. Here's what I saw and my opening thoughts:
  • A Canadian Gandalf took on an inflatable giant bear.
  • Peter Pan founded Canada by learning to fly and grow corn.
  • The camera guys did a phenomenal job finding the tail in the large groups and provided the uncontrived balance with the ugly countries, ahem Latvia. Did they need to go any further than Sweden though? They lived up to the cliche.
  • Remember the episode of Family Guy where Peter asks if they could be with any girl who would it be and Quagmire answer Taylor Hanson from Hanson? Shaun White may have confused some men during the ceremony's parade of women.
  • Mad props to my boy from Skee town for carrying in the flag.
  • The question of the Olympic games may be who's the hotter breed? Skiers or swimmers? One is always wet, one always likes to go down. Bada bing.
  • I remembered that freestyle skiing is awesome, but now it is done. Figure skating will be on every night now.
  • With women's volleyball every night during the summer we at least were treated to PG-13 rated ample cheeks. With ice skating they use nylon fake skin or fur.

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