Friday, February 12, 2010

CR Dunbar's Olympic Sized Bits and Pieces

As shut-ins get tingly about the Winter Olympics Ceremony this evening, I thought it was a good time to dust off my own bits and pieces for the occasion. On with the show:
  • Is any reference to Brian Boitano still funny?
  • Plenty of pressure on Canadian Hockey to win gold. Only 13-year old Romanian gymnasts know this kind of pressure. However, whereas the gymnasts are left in a hot box if they fail, the Canadian hockey players will probably get big hugs.
  • I was looking for the winter equivalent of Summer Olympic's Handball that would sweep me off my feet and tell me I'm pretty, but it turns out there are only two team sports in the Winter Olympics: Hockey and Curling. Sorry scrubbers.
  • Look for Belarus Men's Freestyle Skiing Aerialist Anton Kushner to start a twitter signup war with CNBC.
  • First Winter Olympics since Blades of Glory. Iron Lotus references highly encouraged Scott Hamilton and Brian Boitano.

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