Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 23

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Our guest this week is Phil from the multifaceted men's website

Phil has been a longtime friend of HHR and, more so, the Blogs With Balls conferences, having attended and been vocal at both the New York and Vegas shows.

In Vegas, we had a great panel conversation on whether or not bloggers should be granted the same access and treatment that teams and leagues afford traditional media and journalists. On that panel, Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski - among the most high profile and respected hockey bloggers on the web - brought up the fact that the NHL has embraced new media to circumvent the lack of coverage MSM has allotted the sport. Specifically, the Washington Capitals, thanks in large part to their new-media savvy owner, is regarded as one of the most progressive franchises in terms of blogger credentialing. Phil, who blogs at the Fansided Caps blog Capitals Outsider, is among those select few sports bloggers in any sport that covers games from the press box.

Recently, his actions in the press area drew the attention and criticism from the Internets, the team and even Wyshinski...actions that eventually lead to his suspension from the press box.

With almost 3 weeks to digest the incident, Phil reflects on his actions, the reactions, and the hypocritical treatment in relation to his Verizon Center nemesis Mike Milbury.

Moving on to Gunaxin, Phil talks about how his unique background has aided in positioning the site among the fastest growing men's general interest sites, how and why the Gunaxin decided to dabble in podcasting, and its recent launch of Gunaxin Links - a direct and men's focused alternative to Reddit.

A recurring theme is Phil's appreciation for the online community. He credits folks he met at BwB (Dan Levy, Matt Sebek and Gary Vaynerchuk) as being influential in Gunaxin moving into many of the areas it has, and credits the conference itself as helping facilitate some of the A-list guests they've gotten to interview.

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