Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 25

This week’s Blogs With Balls Show on the JoeSportsFan Radio Network is now available.

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We kick the show off this week with a very pointed voicemail we received from the incomparable Softball Guy, who was not all that thrilled with our guest selection this week: Matt Sebek from our podcasting partners

An Exclusive, Emotional Interview with Softball Guy from on Vimeo.

Long before partnering up on the Internets waves, JoeSportsFan was a everyday read for HHR.

Matt's experience as an online programmer has helped take the site's brand to a new level of online media that includes blogging, and the incorporation of both audio and video.

About a month ago, JSF launched which focuses on sports in the site's home town of St. Louis, and puts out a weekly Basketball Jones-esq video segment covering the latest hot topics surrounding the city's teams and athletes in the offbeat tone JSF fans have come to know and love.

Ep. 3: The One with Derrick Chievous from on Vimeo.

The city-centric, or "hyper-local," approach to online sports coverage is one we have been keeping a close eye on leading up to BwB3 in light of national companies like ESPN and Comcast, and regional ones like NESN and SNY going full force into blogging and multimedia/online platforms. We talk about how this could affect team and city-based sites, including the new JSF STL.

The guys that run the site have also dabbled in AM radio, and Matt talks about the advantages to working online as opposed to the terrestrial waves.

For any aspiring podcasters, and those bloggers looking to attempt video, this week is a must listen, as Matt let's you know from his experience what steps you can take to make your show(s) better and differentiate them from the field that is rapidly saturating.

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