Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Addressing McNabb Trade, Former Eagle Takes Shot at the Ol' Gunslinger

Since announcing his candidacy for US Congress, former All Pro lineman Jon Runyan is asked as many football questions by reporters as political ones.

With the recent Donovan McNabb trade, however, there was finally something good (football-wise) to ask the former Eagle about.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, now, what's the story about Donovan McNabb? You played with him with the Eagles. Why the Redskins? What's that going to do for the Redskins and what's that going to do to the Eagles?

RUNYAN: Well, I think the Eagles were in a unique situation where they actually had three starting quarterbacks on the roster, so they were able to shop, you know, each one individually, and it ultimately ended up being Donovan going to Washington, which surprised a lot of people around here, especially the fact that they're playing in the division twice a year. So it's going to be an interesting thing. I mean, they have traditionally in Washington, they have a great defense. You know, if they can come out and put together some -- put -- you know, put together some scoring drives and put points on the board, they're a very formidable team here in the NFC East.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, it's a little like having Donovan McNabb go from the Eagles to the Redskins because it's the same -- they're going to play against each other -- it's a little bit like Brett Favre going from the Packers to the Vikings. You know, they're both incredible rivalries, and now they've -- they've lost -- they've now lost or given away or however you want to describe it, their quarterbacks.

RUNYAN: Yes, but minus the "I want to play, I want to retire, I want to play, I want to retire" fiasco.

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