Friday, May 21, 2010

Wheaties' Neck Just Got a Little Redder

Wheaties today unveiled a special-edition Dale Earnhardt commemorative box, "honoring his legendary career and celebrating his induction into the Hall of Fame."

An accompanying release notes:

Earnhardt’s record-tying seven championships, along with 76 wins and incredible fan popularity helped propel him into this latest “Breakfast of Champions” honor.

Earnhardt becomes the first stock car driver to be featured on the Wheaties box twice. He first appeared on a series of boxes in 1997 when he raced a Wheaties paint scheme in the All-Star event that same year. And, now Wheaties honors his competitive spirit and champion attitude in connection with his induction.

What jumps out at me more than anything is Earnhardt's image on the box.

At the risk of pissing off NASCAR nation (including HHR's own Rusty), the man known as "The Intimidator" looks as if the only thing he could intimidate is a bathroom stall. That said, it would not shock me if this become the most sought-after cereal box in the history of the Walmart.

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