Monday, September 20, 2010

Race Baiting Animal Hating Columnist Plays Race Card

There was a day when only HHR paid attention to the Trentonian. Today, Deadspin beat us to the punch, splashing the following graphic up...

The Trentonian's LA Parker writes bi-weekly columns often focusing on matters of race in New jersey's capital city. He makes his living on race-baiting and penning pieces pretending Trenton isn't a crime, drug and gang-riddled hellhole.

In response to his paper's unconventional Vick headline, Parker found the need to show the world he is a less rational, poor man's Rev. Sharpton with an angry, ignorant piece, "Condemnation of Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick shows racist America placing pets before blacks."

Parker writes:
Get ready to count your losses, Eagles fans, because your team has no shot this year without your black Negro, dog-killin’, prison-serving quarterback.

Yeah, you’re reading it right.

The Vick description occurs because despite time served for whatever crime he committed in a dogfighting scandal, despite community service, and despite a thousand repentances, he never will receive forgiveness by PETA-peddlers (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) nor the millions of Americans who place poodles before humans, especially black homo sapiens.

America, land of the free and home to Native American genocide, slavery, gender persecution, segregation, and a litany of other indiscretions that affected millions, appears hell-bent on repeatedly lynching Vick, retelling his dogfighting connection until he screams Uncle Tom.
He goes on. And on.

Read the vile here

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