Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dunbar's Date Night: Secretariat

Lady Dunbar and I had an unintentional private screening of Secretariat last night. I guess Tuesday nights are not Disney family nights.

Rarely do I venture out to the movie theater, let alone for a movie that is rated below R and does not feature any crotch shots in the previews. Nonetheless, with Breeders’ Cup knocking at the door and with a movie based on horse racing, I decided that I needed to spend an outlandish amount of money to go see it in the theater.

It is difficult captivating an audience when 90 percent of the viewers already know the outcome and when the storyline is the exact same as Seabiscuit (2003), but I have to say that the movie was engaging and hopefully will bring in some horse racing fans.

Some of the critiques: Diane Lane – No doubt she is a sexy old lady, but I have no clue what age she is trying to pull off in this movie. Husband looks 15 years her junior. Wig works as well as a toupee.

I am woman, hear me roar theme – eh. Stick with the racing and add a gambling is wicked fun theme, Disney.

Lafayette from True Blood was the horse’s handler. Sorry Lafayette, you are type-casted. See Neal Patrick Harris for some pointers. [picture of Lafayette]

The horse racing shots were good; seemed much faster and real life than Seabiscuit’s, which were also good.

The movie inspired me put winning a Grade 1 race on my bucket list. Would like to boost that up to a Triple Crown race, but I think Grade 1 is more realistic for a guy with no money and has no clue how to purchase or train a horse. Who wants in?

Speaking of which, sadly the humble beginnings horse story is all too rare this day and age and is the only way to garner excitement in the sport. I hope this movie excites some horse loving for the action, but I doubt you will see something like this again. I don’t think people are going to get excited for: sheik becomes millionaire after string of bad luck, but then is saved by his horse and becomes a billionaire again. There is enough action in horse racing for you to get engaged.

All around, a fine movie for PG. I will pair it up with Seabiscuit for my annual horsie movie before the Derby as Lady Dunbar will inevitable buy it.

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