Sunday, November 14, 2010

Braylon Edwards Uses Austin Collie Technique

I pointed this out last week when Austin Collie got hurt - he clearly had his head down and was as much to blame for his little wooziness.

Now look at this shot of Edwards and Sheldon Brown.

Edwards is looking directly at the ground, while Brown has his facemask up.

Huge fines keep being levied against defenders but repeatedly, it's the receivers that are instigating illegal contact.

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1 comment:

Wynne said...

Agreed. If the roles were reversed and Edwards were the defender, he'd have been flagged for a personal foul and could look forward to a hefty fine this week.

If leading with the helmet, or using it as a weapon, is illegal, why aren't offensive players ever flagged for this?

It reminds me a little of face-mask/illegal hands to the face penalties. How many times do you see ball-carriers stiff-arm defenders in the face-mask? Ever see them flagged?

Running backs, wide receivers and tight ends are not any smaller or slower than the linebackers and safeties who are getting the majority of the "leading with the helmet"/"defenseless receiver" variety of personal foul calls.

If this is really about player safety, it's about time the league thinks about protecting ALL of the players and not just the ones who play on offense.