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Comedian Aaron Karo talks sports, crazy Lakers fans and the art of texting your private parts

In 1997, as a college freshman, Aaron Karo sent a semi-drunk but hysterical email of his observations about a night out to twenty of his friends at different schools. That email turned into a weekly column, called Ruminations, with a fan base of over a hundred thousand subscribers.

Since then, Karo has published three books and gone on to a successful comedy career. Karo’s latest stand-up special The Rest Is History airs on Comedy Central on November 19th at 11pm.

Aaron sat down with us to talk sports, fandom and penis pictures.

Did You Watch The World Series?

No. I'm a huge Yankees fan and I think the two best teams didn't make the World Series. It should have been Yankees and Phillies again but neither team had that "it" that people talk about. I just didn't care about the Rangers or the Giants. On Pardon the Interruption Tony Kornheiser was saying how no one cares and Wilbon argued that real sports fans cared. Eh, I'm a real sports fan and didn't really care.

They tried to make us care with the backstories too. I think we were supposed to cheer for the Rangers because Josh Hamilton used to do drugs.

Yeah. We are also supposed to love a good pitching match-up. Nah, no one really wants to see a one run game. It's boring. I want to see 9-8 with four lead changes. I'd want to see a no hitter but after that I want a slugfest. Although, even though I'm a huge baseball fan, I'll be the first to admit it's painful to watch an entire baseball game now. It's just so long and slow. Something has to be done. Even watching a playoff game takes forever.

You live on the West Coast now but grew up back East. Is there a difference between fans on the coasts?

Well, LA is a Lakers town. Dodgers isn't really as big a deal and I'm not really sure people know what the hell the Kings are around here. I feel like on the East coast all the sports are equally big or at least closer to each other in the attention they get from people. Boston, New York and those towns people pay attention to the other sports too. Fans in the East just seemed much rowdier and always harder to please. The California mindset translates over to sports. Going to a Lakers game is like going to a club to some people. It's not even a sporting event. Lakers fans are the worst though. I went to a sports bar for game 6 of the World Series when the Yankees clinched. About forty TVs are on the World Series and one game is on Lakers and Rockets and these dudes where going bonkers over the Lakers game. They were drowning out Game 6 of the World Series for game 6 of the basketball regular season. It's like "calm down fellas. Nice Lakers jersey, who are you Fletch?" You'll see a car with seven Lakers flags and a busted muffler and headlight. Spend come of that extra cash on fixing your car instead of team gear.

Ever been to a Dodgers game?

Yes, a couple years ago. They were in contention. It wasn't bad. I just remember getting hyped up for this Dodger Dog people were raving about and it was just a regular damn hot dog.

Do they also all leave in the 6th inning to beat traffic?

Yeah, but every stadium does a little of that because who the hell wants to sit in traffic. I've only been to one Dodgers game so I can't judge too much. Also, let's not forget to mention the Clippers. The world's most irrelevant team. No one cares about them, they are never good. I'm not sure why they exist. Last season my buddy called me because he had free floor seats to a Clippers game and wanted me to go and I was like "Um. No." It tells you a great deal about a franchise that a person said no to floor seats for an NBA game.

What's one thing you love about sports right now and one thing that pisses me off?

Predictions piss me off the most. I watch PTI and Around The Horn religiously but sometimes I don't get to watch until after all the games they discussed are over and usually everything they predict about the games are wrong. But they never admit it. They twist it around but never go "yep, I was wrong on this." The best part all depends on whether my teams are doing well or not.

Here is one thing we hate, that you can probably relate to: how long is Fox going to employ Tim McCarver?

Actually, oddly, I don't mind McCarver. I don't think he is that awful.

You're killing us.

He isn't really that bad. I also don't hate Bill Walton but everyone else seems to. I also like Dan Lebatard. He is one of my favorites. He is just more logical about stuff. You know who I didn't like that TBS crew with Ron Darling. He sounds too much like James Woods it was freaking me out. You know who I don't like is Ron Jaworski. How many damn times can the dude say the word football? "This football game. This football team." It's awful.

One last thing I wanted to discuss; the whole Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger thing. It's kind of died down a little but wanted to get your take on the matter because a lot of your act is about dating and dealing with women. Am I crazy in thinking there had to be some type of relationship because a man doesn't just send pictures of his junk without there being something more going on.

Well, you're looking at it from a normal guy perspective. Don't assume the way famous people operate is the same as you and I. If we were going after a girl it would be call, text then Facebook and then a couple more forms of contact. This is Brett Favre. He is famous. For him it might be "phone call, phone call, d*ck pic." The rules of dating don't apply to famous people.

So the picture could have been his move?

It's like his "2 minute drill." He only has a short amount of time to get this all done. He just goes into the shotgun, calls and audible and BOOM penis picture.

Aaron Karo’s stand-up special The Rest Is History premieres on November 19th at 11 pm on Comedy Central. The uncut/uncensored album and video will be released digitally on November 20th through New Wave Dynamics.

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