Friday, November 5, 2010

Keyshawn Johnson on USC's Future, NFL Coaches, Moss and Tackling Design

This morning we got a chance to talk briefly with the incomparable Keyshawn Johnson.

Always blunt, Johnson offered some quick opinions on some of the big personalities in the NFL and gave a prognostication on the future of his alma mater, USC:
"There is this huge dark cloud over the university; there's this big myth that we are finished and done, but that's not the case...Knowing the recruiting class that's coming in, two years from now they'll be right back in the national championship hunt."
He offers his thoughts on Rex Ryan, Bill Parcells ("Best coach I played for at the pro level. Demanding, much like Rex Ryan."), Jon Gruden ("Interesting character. He's grown since his last coaching job."), Brad Childress ("How can a guy get along with Brad Childress? It's almost impossible.)"

On the Randy Moss situation and what kind of influence he'll be in Tennessee with young guys like Kenny Britt:

"I've never known Randy Moss to be a negative influence on anyone. Things didn't work at Oakland, but they never do with anyone. I mean, Minnesota traded him to Oakland and Oakland traded him to New England and New England traded him to Minnesota again and now he's in Tennessee so...I have no real negative feelings toward Randy Moss or would say he's bad for a locker room or anything like that."

Check it out...

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