Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio - Espiode 30

We talk this week with Washington Redskins’ Director of Responsibility (real title), and former 4-time Pro Bowler Ken Harvey. In his Director role with the team, Harvey is working with Diageo’s anti-underage drinking campaign, We Don’t Serve Teens.

Blogs with Balls Show - Episode 30 by Blogs with Balls

Photo by Karen Ballard/Redux 1/19/10 via Hogs Heaven

We talk a bit about his involvement with the program and other philanthropic endeavors, including space exploration and education.

I commend Ken for his work with the Washington Post’s video segment that he hosted, Word on the Street with Ken Harvey, noting it was very blog-ish and perhaps a bit ahead of it’s time event though it wasn’t that long ago.

From there we hit on the changing role of media in sports. Ken talks about the lack of a filter and pros and cons of living in a world where “Any one at any time has a chance to create media and be a part of media;” and players having direct, instant access to fans, “Not everything that could be said needs to be said.”

Assessing Mike Shanahan’s handling of the team in his first year comes down to “Do you want to try to win right now or do you want to build for the future?” By asserting his authority, Harvey guesses the coach is pushing to the former. He appreciates, however, the sense of competition Shanahan is building. He noted that “people were becoming heroes and superstars without ever producing anything.” Grade wise for Shanahan, as a plan moving forward B/B+; the way he handled McNabb C/C+.

Harvey addresses the current culture and environment as brought about by the Daniel Snyder regime, “Winning changes everything. You have a whole generation coming up who hasn’t experienced the Super Bowls.”

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