Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 31

This week we interview Bogs With Balls 3 panelist and author of the recently-released The Extra 2%.

Blogs with Balls Show - Episode 31 by Blogs with Balls

Jonah, with the distinction of being both a baseball and financial journalist, was the perfect choice to pen a book that looked at how three baseball neophytes (two owners and their GM) took the lessons and strategies they learned on Wall Street to turn the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays from a perennial cellar- dweller to a legitimate contender in the powerhouse AL East.

Playing a central roll in the story of the Rays is former owner Vince Naimoli, whom Keri paints as squandering all goodwill the had in the St. Pete’s community upon the team's inaugural season due to his penny-pinching, ego-maniacal ways. He dug a hole out of which his successors are still struggling to climb.

In addition to several of those personalities (new and old management) and their quirks and approaches, Jonah talks about the process of researching and writing a book on a team that now prides itself on secrecy.

We also talk about some of the baseball philosophies employed by those individuals such as the Ray’s practice of “arbitrage,” which - in a nutshell - is signing young players for long term, inexpensive deals with clauses giving the team a ton of leverage and value.

Jonah was able to find a Michael Lewis-esq balance in packaging a business book into a baseball book without drifting too far in either direction so that it would off-put partisans, and may even will leave you rooting for the Rays.

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