Monday, March 28, 2011

Rusty Reckons: Junior Thumbs his Nose at the Year 2011

I don't mean to only post on Junior, but I saw this today and it just stuck in my craw. Apparently, Junior sees it as too much work to connect with his fans.

Jeff Gordon does it (@JeffGordonWeb), Jimmie Johnson does it (@JimmieJohnson), Kevin Harvick does it (@KevinHarvick), and if you're on Twitter, I highly recommend following Kevin. He and his wife's antics are quite humorous and well documented. Kevin's also known around the garage for being a bit of a prankster, and many of this tom-foolery is also well documented via Twitter. It's a hoot.

Look, Rusty understands the pressures of being the most popular at anything. I regularly have to beat back a hoard of attention starved fans (Hi, mom!), myself. However, seems to me there are costs associated with being voted the Most Popular Driver in NASCAR year after year after year. Get on Twitter buddy. It ain't that hard. Give us a peak into what goes on in that head.

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fred said...

Really that's all you got. Get serious its just fricken twitter. We done like or dislike someone bases on if he or she is on twitter. Get a life. Bad story period. That's seconds I'll never get back.

Vegetal Plasma said...

Fred, get a Dictionary.

While reading your comment I almost spit cofffee on my Keyboard.

"We done like or dislike someone bases on if he or she is on twitter"

Now that right there is some funny stuff.

john said...

thought jr is on twitter i have him on my list or is that someone els

Anonymous said...

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