Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From The DC Bureau: SOLD! Ron Mexico For $687.96

With the end of the NFL lockout nowhere in sight, players are out there looking for ways to earn some extra cash this Summer.

One way it appears, is through Sponsored Tweets. For those unfamiliar, Sponsored Tweets is an auction-type service that allows solicitors to send tweets under the handles of some more notorious famous tweeters, for a price.

On the athlete page, the first on the list is my favorite humanitarian, @MikeVick, who rolls for a surprisingly affordable $687.96 per sponsored tweet. Others on the list like @Tony_Mandarich ($58.83) go for considerably less and some like @champbailey ($1,176.50) and @merillhoge ($1,764.75) go for considerably more--wait--Merril Hoge--Merril F&^!n& Hoge gets $1,700 per tweet!?!?!?

Exit question: Do you suppose Valtrex or Alpo would be able to negotiate a much better deal for a tweet from Mr. Mexico?

FYI- Ol' @Blue_Pulaski will tweet whatever the hell you want for a local Groupon or Living Social deal...DM him for details.

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