Monday, July 11, 2011

Rusty Reckons: Kentucky Gets an F

This weekend's race at Kentucky was a complete dud! Tens of thousands of fans were mired in traffic for hours upon hours just trying to get to the track. Here's one sad story of some fans who left almost 6 hours before the green flag to travel just over 30 miles to the track, and they didn't even make it. Not that I would say the on-track action was worth much anyway. The Shrub won the race in absolutely dominating fashion. At one point, he had an 8 second lead and there were less than 20 cars on the lead lap. BORING!!!!

The thousands of poor fans who tried in vain to reach the track were left sorely disappointed. This was supposed to be one of the highlights of NASCAR's summer. A new track with an energized fan base. An entire state was fired up about this event. I was fired up too. I had been looking forward to watching this Saturday night event on TV all week. I had announced to my wife more than once that I would be retiring to the man-cave for hours of interrupted left turns under the lights of the blue grass state. Little did I know that would be all I got. Yeah, there was a small bit of excitement when the track reached up and bit fan favorite Dale Jr with less than ten laps to go (further adding to my displeasure). This brought out the caution and gave us a lap or two of excitement before the Shrub pulled back out in front.

Now, Rusty is well aware that NASCAR can only do so much in regards to the action on the track. In fact, when it comes to monking with the racing, I maintain a hands-off approach. However, they should take a good hard look at traffic issues before adding a new track again or coming back to Kentucky. The fans deserve better, especially if that track is going to produce a snoozer.

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