Thursday, November 15, 2007

Suddenly Suzyn

Hello readers and welcome back to another edition of Suddenly Suzyn.

I don’t care what the calendar says but today, November 17th, is Christmas Day. (For all of my Jewish brethren, it’s like the first day of Hanukah, with a big week ahead). I wish you all could see me today because I am beaming. I haven’t even begun to sandblast on my makeup but my face is painted with a smile.

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I CAN’T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE!! I have huge news for everyone. I could get in some trouble with management for this but it’s too good to keep to myself. I can’t name sources but it comes to me on good authority that the Yankees are once again negotiating the great Alex Rodriguez. Now, I can’t say who told me but let me tell you it’s someone with his finger on the pulse of the Yankee organization.

The Yankees are scheduled to sit down with A-Rod, and his agent Scott Boras, and hammer out a deal sometime in the next few days. I’ve tried to get word from some of the coaching staff and players, but Joe Torre and Roger Clemens have yet to return my calls.

This is just a quick post because I have to do some, what we in the biz call, ‘investigative journalism’. When all of the major news outlets break this story just remember you got it from Ole’ Suze here first. I am not going to sleep until I have answers for Yankee fans.

Until then, take care.



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Jarrett Carter said...

Brian Cashman thanks you.

Sean said...

Freddy, the Yankees own cowbell man, is the sole reason I go to Yankee games. That man has a new sign everyday! God bless him!

Fat Willard said...

I first saw Freddy in 1987. It was my very first Yankees game. He looked about 80 and I thought "he won't be alive much longer."

Glad I was wrong.

Incidently, that's the last time he washed that jacket. Hand to god.