Friday, January 25, 2008

From Tennis with Love...

Roger Federer’s ousting from the Aussie Open came as an absolute shock to me. Not because Federer finally didn’t make a Grand Slam final but because he lost to someone named Novak Djokovic. What the hell is a Novak? I don’t follow tennis that closely, but I am not sure if that’s a name or a vodka. So, I went to the CBS Sports Tennis page to see how many other tennis names I didn’t recognize. How do you say ‘a lot’ in Russian? Djokovic is ranked third in the world. Who knew.)

So, I want to make myself feel better, while testing the cluelessness of the HHR readership. I’ve listed several names and hyper-linked to a picture of each. First look at the name and try and guess if it's the name of a tennis player, a brand of vodka, or a James Bond villain. Let me know how many you get right in the comment section.

And don’t run your mouse over the links before hand you cheating bastards.


Person with the most correct gets a Goldfinger in their Octopussy.

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Woody said...

As a fanatical 007 fan (own all the movies, AIM name has 007 in it, even have 007 in my SSN!), I can tell you the following Bond villians:

Kristatos (actually Greek, not Russian in the movie) - For Your Eyes Only

Orlov - Octopussy

Blofeld - several movies, so I'll go with You Only Live Twice

Koskov - The Living Daylights

Alcohol?? I know not..I'm mormon.