Saturday, January 26, 2008

Warrior running scared

Checking the popular wrestling website Wrestling Headlines (this is called 'giving credit' or 'blog synergy' as I like to refer to it- we will get into that in a moment) this evening, I came across this story about our good buddy the Warrior. Seems all the bad press has him shaking like his old ring entrance.

On the heels of Ultimate Warrior's controversial blog regarding the sudden death of 28-year-old actor Heath Ledger earlier in the week, he requested police protection from local law enforcement. TMZ reported this on their syndicated show last night as that is what Warrior told them when they asked him for comment. Warrior told TMZ that he's been getting threatening e-mails due to his comments, hence the request for police protection. Despite the threats, Warrior said that he still stands by his comments. The blog is still up on the page. The Warrior story was the lead story on TMZ last night as they showcased his comments and showed footage of him from WWE's DVD release on him two years ago.

I am just going to call a spade a spade. Earlier this year, right around the time of the Benoit murder/suicide, Ren threw the Warrior's blog into his blog feeder. Never thinking anything would come of it but just because the guy is a lunatic, a legend in his own mind, and is good for a laugh once in a while. Anyway, this week the Warrior posted his Ledger comments and both Ren and I knew we were sitting on a gold/land mine.

The story got picked from our site by a few other sites, the biggest being from Deadspin. Every single site credited us for the find and gave links and kudos.

The next day, while surfing through my blog feeder, I noticed that had a story posted about the Warrior and the Ledger blog. Never mentioning how they just happened to come across it. I am sure it's in their list of daily pages to check for celeb gossip, right after Perez Hilton and E! Online. I am sure every available TMZ staff member, upon hearing of Ledger's death, ran straight to their computer to get the reaction of a washed up, ex-juicing wrestler.

Now, am I that full of myself to believe that someone at found the story on our site and ran with it? No. Could it be possible they stole the story off Deadspin, arguably the top sports on the Internet. Yes.

I find it ironic that the MSM hates blogs, yet they sure take enough material from us. Can I even classify a website that follows celebs with cameras and hides in alleys and behind garbage cans as 'media?'



Ren McCormack said...

HHR in no way condones the Warrior's hateful spewing. In the same breath, however, we in no way condone the violent response that it has caused.

People, particularly those online, see freedom of speech as a convenience. Online users are the first to advocate the Internets as an unprecedented forum for a freeflow of long as those ideas don't contradict their own. In such cases freedom of speech becomes irrelevant.

The Warrior's rant, while ignorant and classless as hell, was harmless. Besides us, we doubt 4 other people would have read it had we not blasted it to the world. To allow someone's political and religious beliefs - someone simply looking to get his name back in the headlines for an impending professional comeback - to illicit violence is the antithesis of Americana and also only serves his own selfish purpose. He has now gooten more publicity than he could have ever dreamed and an expanded forum for his message.

We as Americans have a right to speak our minds so long as it does not pose a threat to others. We also have a right to speak against hate and ignorance. But when speech turns to violent action, we have serious problems.

You can't have it both ways. Speak your opposition, but do not act upon it in a violent manner against a physically harmless individual simply looking for a pulpit.

Fat Willard said...

In response to my colleagues comment on this blog, I was in no way condoning the people threatening the Warrior. I feel that is just as idiotic as the original blog. He has a right to his opinion, no matter how different it is from the rest of society. I do feel that if he is going to write something, especially something so offensive, he should be ready for a response. If he wasn't looking for some type of reaction, or publicity, why put it online at all?

My gripe in all this is with MSM ignoring their sources of leads and information. I am not asking them to name specifics sources, or give details, but a simple 'following a lead from a popular online blog....' or 'what's going on in the world of blogs' etc. Is that really too much to ask?