Monday, January 14, 2008

Rock n' Bowl

Typical Tuesday night for Willard, Ren & the chief

I think HHR was on to something last week, when we noted that television during the writers' strike would be much more interesting if they incorporate the great sport of bowling.

We threw out some ideas:
  • Scott Baio is 45...and Bowling
  • Bowler Nation
  • America's Next Top Bowler
  • Project Bowler
  • Bowling with the Stars
Reading Steinberg's DC Sports Bog this afternoon, I think we could get some heavyweight backing for this TV idea:

Oh, and one more Gilbert note. The fine folks at US Bowler have launched a very important project, described as "the first definitive proficiency ranking of celebrities who participate regularly in the sport of bowling."

You can start nominating people next week; the judges include US Bowler Executive Editor Tom Clark, WaPo columnist and all-around degenerate Norman Chad, USBC spokesperson and NBA star Chris Paul, and six-time Denny's PBA Tour Champion Chris Barnes. You should probably go read the full release, but buried at the bottom are some names who will appear on the inaugural list, including "NBA Washington Wizards superstar guard Gilbert Arenas, who once bowled a 277."

Now, I realize that Gilbert has made this claim frequently, and that he bowls under the names Black Fever, Hurricane and the People's Champ, but I'm saying right here that I don't believe he's bowled a 277. C'mon. Now Norman Chad, maybe.

Can we please fuse the sport of bowling, athletes of other sports and reality TV? Can it be any worse than any other given show on television?

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