Friday, January 18, 2008

Stallone on Today

UPDATED- 11:31 with video

Thanks to the Zoner for the link to the vid....

Click here to watch.

With Ren out of town this week, I can actually watch what I want to watch in the morning, which is usually reruns of Saved by the Bell, or the Today Show.

This morning I caught an interview with Matt Lauer and Sylvester Stallone on the Today Show. I assumed it was about the new Rambo movie, but of course the glib Lauer had to bring up the HGH charges Rocky faced last March.

The conversation turned uncomfortable when Lauer pushed the HGH issue. Did anyone else catch this? It was pretty interesting. Sly was defending the substance, stating something to the effect that you can't just be unfit and take HGH and think you'll be ripped. You really need to have a foundation to work from.

In the last 10 secs of the interview, Lauer forced the issue a bit more, and then Stallone turned it back onto him, joking around and asking if he was juicing because he looked bigger. Even challenged him to a blood test. The interesting part though is that in mid-sentence, Today cut to commercial.

Now, maybe I am looking a bit into this, but it just seemed a bit strange. Usually they'll do a "We'll be right back" even when someone is still trying to get their point across, but there was none of that.

Anyone else see this? Haven't been able to find video of it yet....

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