Friday, January 18, 2008

Get your popcorn ready! It's movie time

Sent in from friend and reader Art Vandeley...

In the Summer of 2006, two young men, Terrell a brash and misunderstood wide receiver and Antonio an aspiring quarterback and wanna-be-celebrity, are brought in to work together to bring a championship to America's Team. What had otherwise been anticipated to be a rather eventful venture (13-3 and top seed) would soon turn into an affair of love, of lust, and complications (losing in the first round two straight seasons) that will spand through countless seaons of their lives. Through trips to Cabo, attempted suicides that might not have happened, and the mighty grip of societal confines and the expectations of what it is to be a man.

Terrell Owens. Tony Romo.

(If you are the person responsible for this amazing photoshop job, let me know and I will credit and name my first born after you.)

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