Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yankee Pride

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Somewhat lost in the Roger Clemens post-Mitchell Report spectacle is the forthcoming role that Andy Pettitte will play in the condemnation or absolution of his friend, teammate and golf buddy.

On WFAN's Carton and Boomer this morning, Brian McNamee attorney Earl Ward reacted to Clemens' press conference, and talked about prospects of the forthcoming House Oversight Hearings, Clemens' pending lawsuit and a possible counter defamation suit that could be filed against the Rocket by McNamee.

Tagging Pettitte as a "star witness," Ward seems to feel that it is in Pettitte's nature to be open, honest and forthright, especially under oath. Whereas it is widely believed that Pettitte was referred to McNamee by Clemens, it is likely he has firsthand knowledge of whether or not Roger is being honest in his firm denial of the trainer's claims. As such, Pettitte could obviously corroborate McNamee's claims, or somewhat credibly lend credence to Clemens' claims.

Carton and Boomer referred to the potential examination of Pettitte as a "grilling." Pettitte holds the hangman's noose.

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