Monday, February 18, 2008

Arlen Specter: Patriots Possibly Violated "Industrial Espionage Act of 1996"

Arlen Specter was on WIP this afternoon with Steve and the Cuz. He called to defend his "pursuit" of justice against the NFL, Commissioner Goodell and the tainted New England Patriots.

For the record, I still don't quite understand why people take such issue with his going after admitted cheaters. Steve and Cuz try to differentiate the "Spygate" issue from the Mitchell Report by noting that in "Spygate" no federal law was broken - so why should the federal government get involved? Sen. Specter cites the "Industrial Espionage Act of 1996" could have potentially been violated - the federal statute forbidding theft of trade secrets - and also noted the NFL's Anti-Trust exemption.

A great point that he brings up in light of the Patriots' fining by the league is that Goodell imposed the penalty before getting the notes and evidence to know the extent of the cheating.

While people criticize the Senator, noting he should have better things to do than go after the NFL, Specter noted that all he has done in this case is meet with the Commissioner, write a few letters and call a few talk radio shows, a drop in the bucket in his everyday schedule.

The hosts hit the Senator hard, and for an octogenarian, to his credit, he was a spry and sharp old man.

Here' 10 minutes of clipped audio. Specter gets cut off at the end, but the relevant parts are included.

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