Monday, February 18, 2008

Prime Minister Pete Nice Gives the Rocket the Gas Face

ESPN's Jeff Pearlman opened his piece on white rapper-turned-baseball historian Pete Nice with the following quip:

Because he is well versed in the two disparate worlds, the question directed toward Peter Nash seems an intriguing one: Vanilla Ice or Roger Clemens -- who's the bigger fraud?

While Nice's group, 3rd Bass, was notoriously anti-Ice, I almost thought he was going to go for the Rocket,"It's so amazing that someone with a two-decade career and that record of excellence now might as well be Mark Fidrych. I mean, what's left of Clemens' legacy?" But alas, Roger, don't worry. You're still a step above Rob Van Winkle, at least in Nice's eyes, "That's a tough one. But even with the juice, I guess I'll have to pick Ice. I just didn't like his style."

While I am not really sure the actual purpose of the piece itself, it is none the less interesting. It really isn't new news that Nice, real name Peter Nash, is a baseball history buff.

For those of you more interested in his baseball research as opposed to his music, Pearlman points out some of his work available for purchase:
As for me, I was more an MC Serch guy and I am still waiting for the return of Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show. I got my hopes up during the writers strike, only to be disappointed.

You're my boy, $ham.

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