Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Focus, Roy, Focus

Are you threatening me?

Now, Rusty usually lets the Rev handle college hoops, but when it comes to the mecca of college bball, Tobacco Road, ole Rusty can hang with the best of them.

Williams irked by Coach K

So, apparently, looks like Roy Williams is having a fit about something the venerable Coach K said on a radio show.
"[He] has been dealing with that since -- and unlike other schools we don't release our injuries -- so I thought he played a strong game tonight," Krzyzewski said.

That nine-word aside about "other schools" was, Williams said on Tuesday, "aimed toward us."
Seriously? Doesn't he have a top ranked team he needs to coach? Isn't he going into the hostile RBC Center tonight to play Carolina's real in-state rival (sorry national fans, but for us NC folks, Duke is Mayonaise, the real rivalry is State Carolina)?

Just seems like a bunch of hooey to me. But maybe if he worried about his own ball club more, he wouldn't be fainting on the sidelines so often. Just a thought.

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