Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hank Baskett Latest Eagle to Not Call for "More Playmakers"

Today, HHR notes, Hank Baskett became the latest Eagle, joining Greg Lewis, Jason Avant and others, to not make a plea, public or otherwise, for Philadelphia Eagles brass to go out and get more playmakers.

While vets Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Brian Dawkins and Big Jon Runyan have each made it known over the last several weeks that they need some weapons on both sides of the ball (as well as special teams), some younger players are not so sure.

Baskett was overheard lamenting: "Shit, I got a family, man. The last thing i need is for a Larry Fitzgerald or a Chad Johnson coming in and taking food out of my kids' mouths. I've worked hard to maintain the wide receiver void created by Todd Pinkston and James Thrash, and I'll be damned if I let those efforts lead me to the breadline. "

He added, "I know what Coach Reid demands of his receivers and I think, I know, I've met those expectations. You think they just let anyone wear number 84?"

Reno Mahe has noticeably been the loudest in not calling for playmakers. The Stormin' Morman seems content returning kickoffs with a Woody Hates-inspired "three yards and a cloud of dust," and apparently Andy Reid is "cool" with that.

Reid has been so smitten with his return man, he even went out of his way to hire a 12-year-old assistant coach, only because he resembled Mahe. Yet, he can't see the need to pull the trigger on a pro-bowl caliber wideout, end or d-back.

One veteran seems to side with the youngsters. Williams James, who in a valiant attempt to remain invisible on the field that he went so far as to change his name, has yet to make a pitch on the defensive side of the ball.


krazy said...

Hank, your right, the birds dont need any playmakers, the team has enough. your the only one that can wear #84. I hope people dont forget, your first year with the birds you had the NFLs two longest receptions. the vets want playmakers, they need to put you at tightend let you get more in the games, and keep JR Reed. Playmakers are in place they just need to be used the right way.

krazy said...
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auggdogg said...

i don't know who wrote this, but the bit about baskett is complete bs. i know the guy personally and i know for a fact
1)he doesn't have any kids or family to look after besides his parents
2)the guy worked his butt off to get to the nfl, had a decent rookie year, and accepted a diminshed role so that an unproven teammate could see more action. this guy is and always has been a team player, so please don't disrespect this man's character by making things up

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

You took all that time and effort to read the article and write a response without reading the tags underneath the post.

(Unless he actually did call for playmakers and we don't know about. In which case, let us know).

Polly said...

More information!: Hank Baskett (NFL's Philadelphia Eagles) and Hefner's 'Girl' Kendra