Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NFC North Throwdown: Former Packer and Bear to Kickbox

WREX-TV reports that on Saturday, February 23, former Chicago Bear and Four Horseman Steve "Mongo" McMichael will be taking on former Green Bay Packers defensive back Sammy Walker in a kickboxing match at something called the "Rockford Rumble."

Mongo's not holding back any punches:
"I have to explain this all the time to Bears fans in Chicago who are disgruntled that I went to Green Bay my last year. I'll explain it to you like this, my whole career, I was 16-6 against the Packers, so I whipped them right. And in my last year, I went up there on my last leg, stole their money. whipped them again. That's how I feel about the Packers."

Then again, he's no stranger to fighting words. Here he is with ex-wife (and Stone Cold ex/punching bag) Debra and former stable-mate, the infamous Crippler Chris Benoit. If that's the company he keeps, Walker better watch his ass.

Apparently, Mongo coaches in something called the "Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL)" for something called the "Chicago Slaughter."

Mongo added,
"There's three reasons I'm doing this. One, you see this logo right here. We're going to be playing the Rock River Raptors this year in the CIFL league right here in this stadium. Whoop some more butt then. That's the first one. The second one is, they didn't call me Mongo for nothing. I like to whoop some butt. The third reason is, everybody congratulate me, yesterday was my three year old little girls birthday."

Apparently, Mongo is heavily inspired by "butt" and picks fights to celebrate his three year old girl's birthday. What a dad!

H/T: PackersNews.com

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