Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anti-Eagles: Jets Upset About Addition of Playmakers

Chris Baker "The Problem Maker"

While much ado has been made of Eagles veterans Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Jon Runyan and others practically begging Eagles brass to improve their team with the addition of high profile players, the Jets have actually gone out and done so, having one of the most productive off-seasons of any team. They have added the likes of linebacker Calvin Pace, perennial Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca and defensive lineman Kris Jenkins.

According to the NY Post, "some of the team's returning veterans are looking at the bundles of cash and wondering, "When do I get mine?"

Said one annonymous vet, "You pay guys you don't even know, and the guys in the locker room - the guys that have your back - you don't give a damn about them. It shows where the loyalty is."

It obviously also shows where the disgruntled players' loyalties are - to themselves.

The addition of the players mentioned above, not only makes the team better, but it draws coverage off of those they line up against, thereby making their teammates better. Obviously, such semantics go ignored when one feels slighted.

Two players singled out in the article are Laveranues Coles and tight end Chris Baker, "both with two years remaining on their current contracts, publicly expressed their desire for raises at the end of the season. Coles' situation recently turned ugly when he accused the organization of lying to him."

The issue is that with the recent signings the Jets have committed $138 million in contracts, including $63 million in guarantees. If the Jets can't afford to keep their pissed off veterans, then by all means they should let them walk, because they obviously are simply looking for their biggest paycheck available. And so be it, no one will fault them for that. But don't speak of loyalty when you show yourself to be anything but.

McNabb must be shaking his head in disgust. Then again, he didn't play for a 4-12 team, and hell, at least he's getting paid. But I'm sure he'd be the first guy on the team to pull a Peyton Manning and take a cut if it meant helping the team get better.

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