Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Your Balls Snipped?

Gearing up for March Madness?

Do we have a deal for you...!

A radio ad for the Oregon Urology Institute suggests: "When March Madness approaches you need an excuse ... to stay at home in front of the big screen. Get your vasectomy at Oregon Urology Institute the day before the tournament starts. It's snip city."

The institute claims to have filled 15 of the 24 March Madness slots available and anticipates being at full capacity.

It gets better. The AP notes that the sports radio station broadcasting the clinic's ads "promises to send each patient a recovery kit of sports magazines, free pizza delivery and a bag of frozen peas."

Said the Institutes's director, "The frozen peas are malleable enough that you can get them right in there and get the swelling down."


UPDATE: 3/10/08
Follow-Up: MSM Features NCAA "Snip City" Vasectomy Campaign

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