Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mad Dog "Shaken" by Billy Crystal Stunt

Fat Mike and Chris spent an eternity arguing the Yankees' Billy Crystal stunt. While Mike essentially shrugged it off, Chris was vocally peeved by the whole thing. While people tried to argue that Russo would have no qualms getting on the court with Federer, and Willard pointed out he would likely jump at the chance to suit up for his beloved SF Giants, Chris was in full denial mode.

Let's just say the whole idea is "shaky" at best. Listen to the Doggy yelp.

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The Sports Hernia said...

He's out of his mind, always extra hard on the Yankees (not say I'm enjoying the Crystal thing).

Please tune into the FAN right now, him and Francesa are doing play-by-play for the Big East tourney. It's a hilarious listen.