Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Atlanta

Called the fastest track on the circuit, Atlanta should prove a very exciting event with the COT. Now, for those new HHR fans who may question how Atlanta at only a mile and half can post speeds faster than Daletona and Dega, which are a mile longer and have more banking, I've got two words: restrictor plate. The horsepower zapping plates keep cars at the two plate tracks under 200 mph, usually in the high 180's during a race. Atlanta doesn't have restrictor plates, and therefore cars reach speeds in excess of 200 mph. Front Row Joe even told Rusty one time that cars reached speeds over 200 at Lowe's a few years back. Nemechek said they cannot show that kind of speed on TV because some tracks aren't insured for speeds that fast. So, the TV fudges the telemetry numbers a little bit to keep Humpy happy (and insured). Now, this is only hearsay, but it came from a Cup driver, so I reckon it's pretty accurate.

But back to Atlanta, the COT hasn't gone this fast yet, so driver's might have a lot of question marks about how the flying brick is going to like being throw into turn 1 at over 200 mph. They may have question marks, but I'm excited, especially cause I feel like June-bug's on the verge of winning. Enjoy the speed this weekend, cause after Atlanta the boys are heading to Martinsville and Bristol for some short-track beating and banging!

And last but certainly not least, the very thing you came here for, Rusty's fantasy picks. This week I'm going to try and ride Mr. Ed's hot streak. Atlanta's a good track for him, so let's hope he stays hot for my sake.

A List
- Carl Edwards (99)
B List
- Martin Truex Jr. (01)
C List
- Ken Schrader (49)

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