Monday, March 31, 2008

Swinging Songs to Start Baseball Season

It seems mother nature isn't thinking about baseball season today, as the weather in the Mid-Atlantic region is an overcast 50 degrees with the threat of showers.

Regardless, today is a happy day. As Ren and I celebrate our anniversary, we also wait in joyful anticipation of the start of what we hope is another "successful" season, as the Phillies kick-off their home opener at 3:05pm.

We celebrate by posting a few of our favorite "sports" songs. You know, those happy songs that pump you up and sort of take you back to the simple days... when you'd sit in the stands and listen to the radio coverage of the ball game while keeping score in your program. These songs bring on a Pavlovian trigger of smelling popcorn, and tasting peanuts, and instantly bring on a craving for a hot dog.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Happy Phillies phirst day!

(our favs, in no particular order)

Dire Straits, Walk of Life

Bruce Springsteen, Glory Days

John Fogerty, Centerfield (tell me that clapping doesn't get you all excited?)

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Ren McCormack said...

Walk of Life is the greatest video ever made. There is no discussion to be had. It's just a fact.