Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama Takes Campaign in the Gutter


Someone get this dude some bumpers.

On his first warm-up ball, [US Senator Bob] Casey [D-PA] rolled a gutter ball. Obama's first ball flew gracefully off his hand but also ended up in the gutter. On his second try, he knocked down four pins.

About five lanes over, a young man in a T-shirt that said "Beer Hunter" fell on his backside while bowling and still recorded a strike.

His score you ask?
Obama did improve, nearly getting a strike in one frame, and in the seventh, picking up a spare, giving him a score of 37.
Hey, not for anything, but I could bowl a 37 blindfolded, barefooted and with my left hand. In fact, Ariel's done it twice.

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Pro-Hat Party said...

they're saying he bowled a full 10 frames and got a 37? that's hard to believe. I mean, seriously?

also, I don't like the fact that he is left handed.

However, I will continue to be part of the low-donor revolution. I have Hope!