Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ariel Dances with the Biggest Idol

Tuesday night reality TV update....

First off, I did not watch one second of Idol. The night was too full with other obligations, and something had to give. Sorry Seacrest, but as Heidi Klum would say "You're out." Our buddy Illuminati over at phillyburbs did a recap I can respect...

Big night on the Biggest Loser. The final weigh-ins before the finale took place, and boy were we shocked. Well, Dunbar actually noted that he thought Mark looked as though he was "being shocked with an electric prod in the rear" when he found out he had lost 11 pounds.

Both guys lost about 6.4% of their total weight last night, and thought they were safely headed to the finale. But boy were they wrong. Ali and Kelly lost a combined 24 pounds, and secured their places in the finals. Both guys were shocked. From a strategic perspective Roger thought for sure he was going home. He is the bigger guy, and definitely the bigger threat, having already lost 144 lbs, and having enough weight still on him to safely lose another 20-30 before the end.

But.... of course another Loser "shocker".... Ali (host) lets them know that America will actually vote on which contestant gets to continue on with the competition. Realistically, if America votes for Mark, I think the girls have a better chance. Mark really does not have much more weight to lose, and actually might add more muscle. I mean he's down to 170... and he is a taller guy. I also don't think Ali has much more weight to lose... she's already lost 99lbs, and is at about 135, and I mean if she drops below the 120lb mark she is just going to look sick.

Kelly on the other hand definitely has more to lose. I think she is down to 170 something, and can probably lose another 30lbs easily. I think she'll look the most different at the finale.

But these are just my thoughts. I am excited at the prospect of a woman winning, but only think it can happen if America chooses to keep Mark in the competition, and unfortunately I just like Roger better :)

Dancing with the Stars:

My prediction was right... Carolla was sent packing. Thank god. He was a horrible dancer, and while not as bad as Wayne Newton, was still a bit uncomfortable to watch. A little surprised that he shared the bottom two with Priscilla Presley, but she lived very reclusively prior to coming on the show, so her fan base might have dwindled.

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