Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obamanation? JayPa Looking to Do For Campaign What He Did for PSU?

Or not. But at least he can flaunt his father's name.

Today's Philly Inquirer mangles the younger Paterno, whose outspokenness on the 2008 election has garnered him tons of email - both supportive and in opposition.

Outstanding Kucinich reference, by the way:

"Apparently, Obama didn't miss the memo when it comes to politically invoking the Paterno name in Happy Valley. Though the salute to Jay drew a smattering of applause, when the senator from Illinois mentioned his cell-phone conversation with the elder Paterno, the crowd erupted - for an 81-year-old Republican.

For Jay Paterno, whose popularity is at Dennis Kucinich levels, this was no time to sit out. In February, he switched his registration from independent to Democrat so he could vote in today's presidential primary. And since then, he's done everything from registering voters to blogging on Obama's behalf - all on his own time."

The Lions produced losing campaigns in four of the next five seasons as Jay became more involved in the offensive play-calling. In 2005, though, Penn State went 11-1 and Michael Robinson had one of the best seasons ever for a Lions quarterback. Two 9-4 seasons since then, fans still question whether Jay has his father's football acumen, let alone his politics.
Here's a link to the Nepotist Nittny Lions' QB coach's blog.

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