Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama's Pick-Up Game

We've seen door to door campaigning this election year, but this is one of the few full-court presses. Presidential candidate Barack Obama played a quick pick-up game with the UNC Tarheels.

At the one minute mark, you see him drive the lane and put up a nifty finger roll, that rolls out. Suck on that, hope/change.

According to the article,
After about six to seven minutes of play, Obama took a seat near Williams. Reporters weren't allowed close enough to hear what they discussed.
We think that he and Williams probably just talked bball and the Kansas game. And farm subsidies. Williams is well known as the team's policy wonk. Always with his head in one of those darn book-learning things!

via Tom M & his insistance on reading Duke Basketball Report

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Rusty said...

Ya know, Rusty isn't usually a stickler for the rules except when it involves teams he don't like . . . and Carolina fits that bill more than any other.

Anyone care to notice that it's against NCAA regulations for a coach to attend a pick-up game during the off-season? Or do the beloved Tar Heels (bleck!) not have to abide by the rules?