Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Richmond

Rusty's second favorite track is arguably the best track to see a race live. Richmond International Raceway (RIR) is a 3/4 mile tri-oval with multiple groves of racing. Cars can pass high, low, and all over the track, even though passing on the bottom seems to be the preferred method of winning races with a little rubbin of course.

Under the lights at RIR is some of the best night racing, if not the best night racing all season. It'll probably be a bit chilly this weekend, which means the cars will have A LOT of grip. And since this is the 2nd year they've raced the COT at Richmond, they will have figured a few things out by now.

As usual, look for Hendrick and Gibbs to run up front, with Roush and RCR close behind. HMS has Dale Jr. who's best track is Richmond, and Gibbs has got the shrub who also excels in the capital of the confederacy. But don't count out Denny Hamlin. Hamlin is from Chesterfield (Rusty's home county), and just across the river from the track. He'd love to win at his home track, and he might have the equipment to do it, this year. This weekend's race also marks the 2 year anniversary of JR's last win, and after a disappointing late wreck last weekend the fans feel like he's on the cusp on breaking the streak. So, I'll go against convention and use the same driver 2 weeks in a row.

A List
- D Hamlin (11)
B List
- D Earnhardt Jr. (88)
C List
- P Menard (15)

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