Friday, May 23, 2008

The Circle of Life

Yesterday, we were ecstatic to hear about the St. Paul Saints' clever upcoming promotion, the Larry Craig Bobblefoot giveaway.

Unfortunately, just as this promotion was born, we got wind (albeit late) that another passed away. We decided that this would be a good time to check the status of the Macon Music "Eliot Spitzer Night" scheduled for June 13, only to learn that it died a silent death back in March.
The team’s website poll results show that 55% of fans voting were in favor of canceling the event. Another poll featured on the Macon Telegraph’s website had similar results.

The Music team wanted to give its fans the chance to voice their opinion on a promotion that has caused quite a stir. The local fans support is very important and with that in mind, the team respectfully has canceled the event.
We applaud the Saints for their innovative and media-grabbing promotion and the effort by the Music to be equally creative. But we understand while some people would be uncomfortable with the idea(s).

We do, however, still offer our deal to Music fans.
HHR will offer a free weekly guest post throughout the Music's season to recap Macon games on our site to any fan who send us a picture of themselves wearing our Spitzer #9 baseball jersey at Luther Williams Field.

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