Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama/Bradley '08?


Someone alerted us to a blurb in Politifax, "A Weekly Electronic Newsletter on Politics in New Jersey," that former Princeton Tiger/NY Knick/US Senator/Democratic Presidential hopeful Bill Bradley is a name high on Sen. Obama's potential Veep list.

Says Politifax in its "Who's Hot" section:
Bill Bradley

"Yes, our own Dollar Bill. We have good authority -- from a former Democratic Governor from another state -- that former Hall of Fame basketball player, the former Senator, the former presidential candidate, and the current post-politics intellectual is not only very high on Barack Obama's short list but also the prefered choice of master strategist David Axelrod."
Obama's being the presumptive nominee may have finally dispelled The Curse of Bill Bradley.

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Josh said...

It makes sense... They'll definitely be the best basketball team ever elected!